VW Crafter Power RemapsVolkswagen (VW) Crafter 2.5TDi Power Remaps With A Punch..!

The VW Crafter Power Remap has been developed to pack a punch and give any van in it’s class a run for it’s money. Increased pulling power, smoothed out flat spots and a more consistent power delivery right through the rev range. The transformation is phenomenal and surprisingly the Crafter van can transfer a lot of the power down with minimal wheel spin.

Below is the performance remapping chart to show the different models:

VW Crafter TDI 2.5 88
88 hp
115 hp
220 NM
272 NM
VW Crafter TDI 2.5 109
109 hp
136 hp
280 NM
332 NM
VW Crafter TDI 2.5 136
136 hp
168 hp
300 NM
362 NM
VW Crafter TDI 2.5 163
163 hp
195 hp
350 NM
412 NM

If your Crafter van struggled with hill climbs and heavy loads, it will be an absolute breeze after a Sinspeed power remap.

All our power remaps are very discreet, no dealer-level diagnostic equipment will be able to detect the remap and it will not cause any problems during MOT’s or servicing. All our remaps have been tested with OE components to ensure maximum compatibility and are completely reversible.

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