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ECU Remapping? How does an ECU (Engine Control Unit) Remap Work?

ECU Remapping is a process used to adapt the functions within a vehicle’s ECU. There is more than one ECU on a vehicle e.g gearbox ECU, airbag ECU and Engine ECU. ECU’s are programmed with a lot of tolerance by car manufacturers to control the full functionality of the engine. Car manufacturers restrict the ECU as they accommodate for different markets. ECU’s are also programmed to cover some levels of neglect by vehicle owners.
In some parts of the world there is poor fuel quality so the ECU would need to be prepared for this. There is also the option to down-tune an ECU to fit certain insurance categories or you can have the same car model with different engine sizes, e.g the BMW 1 Series 116, 118 and 120 are all 2.0 litre engines, however the ECU is restricting the performance depending on the model. Being able to control the performance via the ECU makes it easier for the manufacturers as opposed to having a vehicle for each category.
So having the same engine size for different models does work for manufacturers and the low tuned models are ideal for third world countries where the fuel quality is poor but also the low-tuned models are more affordable and suited for certain markets. The higher vehicle models are best where the fuel quality is very good and gives the end-user the option to buy a more powerful model. Interested? Call us and we will explain in more detail.

What is our ECU Remapping Process?

Using state of the art equipment, we have a simple 3-stage ECU Remapping procedure which all technicians across our network follow to perfectly remap and tune your vehicle. Once the remapping has been completed, you will immediately notice the difference when driving the vehicle. Whether your wanting a remap to save money by lowering fuel costs or if you just want to have more fun by making your vehicle more responsive & powerful… Sinspeed can tailor a remap to suit your needs. Try us, with our 30-Day Money Back guarantee – you have nothing to lose!

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What is ECU Remapping? Our 3 Stage Remap Process:

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A Sinspeed technician will read the ECU files from your vehicle and save a backup of the originals before making any modifications. It can be done at Sinspeed’s workshop or a location of your choice. – We do carry out diagnostics before & after the remap.

Remapped-ECU Remapping-Re map-Car Performance

The ECU file is then sent to & worked on by Specialist Engine Tuning Experts at Sinspeed’s Head Office & a custom map is prepared for your vehicle.

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The custom remapped ECU file is modified & sent back to the Sinspeed technician, who will then upload it back onto your vehicle’s ECU. ECU Remapping is complete and you can now enjoy your new driving experience.