The Sinspeed Chip Tuning Dealership

Become a Sinspeed Authorised Dealer In Your Area…

Sinspeed are one of the UK’s leading and fastest growing Engine tuning specialists, with more than 20 years knowledge and experience in the ECU remapping and engine chip tuning industry. What’s more we have some of the industries leading specialists working alongside us and boast a team of more than 30 dedicated R&D specialists with a wealth of experience to drive us forward.

You can become a part of our success by joining the Sinspeed Authorised Dealership program and offer ECU remapping services in your area. We offer full training & support to all our approved agents to ensure you are confident in performing a remap.

Our Simple 4-Step ECU Remapping Procedure

The remapping procedure is very simple and the following 4-steps are pretty much all that is involved from your end:


  1. Connect the KessV2 ECU remapping equipment to the vehicles OBDII diagnostic socket.
  2. Using the KSuite software provided, select the vehicle and download the vehicles ECU maps. This is a guided function by the software to ensure nothing goes wrong.
  3. Send the downloaded ECU maps to our dedicated file writing department via email. We will edit the file to remap it and send you the modified file back ready to load onto the vehicle.
  4. You upload the modified file onto the vehicle using the KSuite software. This is a guided function by the software to ensure nothing goes wrong.

And that’s pretty much it. We do all the hard work and custom write each vehicle map to ensure nothing can go wrong. You can rest assured all maps have been tested prior to uploading to your customers vehicle and you have the full training and on-going support from the industries leading tuning experts.

Benefits Of The Sinspeed Authorised Dealership Program

By joining the Sinspeed Approved Dealership program, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Excellent profits
  • First 6 files absolutely free!
  • 1-Hour file service guaranteed
  • Very low start-up costs
  • Full training & support
  • No franchise fees
  • No management fees
  • No marketing fees

What Is The Start-Up Cost & What’s Included?

To help our agents starting up, we have reduced the start-up cost to just £495.00 +Vat and that includes all training and the supply of the latest Alientech KessV2 remapping tool on a permanent loan. You will need to provide a basic laptop and an internet connection to send/receive files from us.

The remapping tool we provide you is very sophisticated and will allow you to offer the following SInspeed services:

  1. ECU Remapping (Petrol & Diesels)
  2. DSG Remapping
  3. EGR Removal
  4. DPF Removal
  5. Speed Limiter Removal