Speed Limiter Removal

Speed Limiter Removals from SINSPEED: Getting Results every time…

Our speed limiter removal service does exactly what it says on the tin.. it will removal all limitations for speed from within the ECU and your only limiting factors from there on will be the capabilities of the vehicle and of course the law! If you’ve recently purchased a vehicle that has previously been speed limited, we can remove the limiter and remap the vehicle at the same time!

Anyone who has had their vehicle remapped by Sinspeed has absolutely loved it. We’re so confident in our remapping services that we offer them with a no quibble 14-Day money back guarantee.

My Van is Speed Limited To 50mph: We Can Change It!

Our Speed Limiter Removal service will not only remove the speed limiter from the ECU but also we can adjust the speed limiter so for example we can change a 50mph speed limiter to limit the drivers speed to 70mph or even 69mph.. it’s entirely up to you!

My Vehicle doesn’t have a Speed Limiter: We Can Add One!

Recently we’ve seen driving instructors and businesses request our services to install a speed limiter on vehicles where no limiter is in place (or the limiter is set too high i.e. 120mph). We’re able to remove the factory limiter and install a much lower limiter to whatever your requirements.


Benefits of Speed Limiters + Speed Limiter Removals By SINSPEED

A speed limiter can help increase fuel economy as well as promote safety for the engine/turbo and other road users. Removing the Speed Limiter gives you complete control over how you drive – whether it’s 20mph in London or 160mph on the AutoBahn.. it will be up to you!

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