Economy ECU Remapping for Diesels

Diesel Economy Remapping – Saving You £££’s

Our Diesel Economy Remapping sessions are suited to all turbo and non-turbo diesel vehicles. Improved fuel efficiency & less stops at the filling stations is a reality you can enjoy thanks to the Sinspeed Diesel Fuel Economy Remaps. Thanks to our custom tuned economy remaps. Over 90% of our economy remap customers have reported immediate fuel savings!

Our diesel economy remaps will without a doubt transform your vehicle and you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference it will make to your fuel economy. Not only will you notice immediate savings in your fuel bills but you will also benefit from an increase in power & performance as well as lower emissions. We’re so confident you will love our Diesel Economy remaps that we’re offering a full 30-Days Money Back Guarantee!

Economy Remapping = Power Loss, Right?

Wrong! Until recently economy tuning was not possible without downgrading the performance. Sinspeed has the capabilities and technical know-how to fine tune the engine of your diesel vehicle to maximise on fuel efficiency whilst simultaneously increasing the power & performance.

Why Don’t Manufacturers Give Me Best Fuel Economy?

Manufacturers have to take into consideration the different markets their vehicles will be sold to and the different types of fuels available – amongst other things. For this reason, the manufacturers restrict the performance of the vehicle to ensure it will suit all markets. Sinspeed can fine tune your vehicle to suit your driving style, improve fuel delivery to the engine and smooth out any flat spots to maximise on fuel efficiency.


Sinspeed Economy Remap Advantages

Remapping any diesel car (turbo and non-turbo) will completely transform the way it drives and you will instantly notice the increased power & performance. When taking out a Sinspeed Economy Remap you can expect the following key benefits:

  • Improved power output
  • Improved torque
  • Sharper throttle response
  • Flat spots removed
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Better Engine Efficiency
  • Reduced Emissions
  • More MPG