DSG Remapping

Diesel Tuning & Diesel Remapping from BHP UK: Providing Performance and Results every time…

Anyone who has had their diesel cars remapped at BHP UK have been absolutely amazed at the difference that an ECU remap makes, and most of our customers have returned to us if they\’ve replaced their car. In fact, we often get customers calling us before they buy a new car to find out how well the vehicle can be chip-tuned or remapped, before they pick it up. ECU Remapping is an art; And BHP UK are Diesel Remapping Specialists!

Diesel ECU Remapping for Turbo & Non-Turbo diesels: We chip-tune them!

Diesel was always seen as an engine for tractors and trucks only. However, today’s advances in chip tuning technologies has changed this and with our expert diesel car tuning your diesel engine car can outperform it’s petrol engine equivalent. We offer performance tuning and a fuel saving with increases in both performance and economy.

Our Diesel Remapping works even better on Modified Vehicles…

Remember, our diesel re map and diesel engine tuning technology can modify the ECU on virtually any diesel tuning chip. We can help improve diesel power and transform your vehicle\’s driveability even if it\’s been modified. Speak to one of our diesel remap, diesel tuning experts to see how we could help.


Benefits of Turbo Diesel Tuning & Diesel Chip Tuning by BHP UK

Diesel chiptuning the ECU of your turbo or non-turbo diesel vehicle you can expect the following improvements with one of our Diesel tuning remaps:

  • Improved power output
  • Improved torque
  • Improved & immediate throttle response
  • Flat spots in power delivery removed
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Better Engine Efficiency
  • Reduced Emissions
  • More MPG