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Mobile ECU Remapping & Engine Tuning:

Sinspeed offers a diverse range of ECU Chiptuning services. From Commercial Truck remapping and Lorry Tuning to DSG Gearbox tuning & Diesel Economy / Performance remaps, Sinspeed cater for all areas of the automotive ECU chip tuning industry. A Sinspeed car remap will bring out the best in your vehicle, with increased gains in Bhp & Torque whilst also saving you money with lower fuel costs.

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  • Speed Limiter Removel

    We’re able to quickly and efficiently remove Speed Limiters & Rev Limiters. We’re also able to set & adjust Speed Limiters and Rev Limiters if needed.

  • EGR Removel

    We can switch off the EGR system permanently and remove all fault codes whilst simultaneously increasing the engine performance and fuel economy of the vehicle.

  • DSG Remapping

    Our DSG Tune will increase shift response, reduce clutch-slip and provide a smoother gear-to-gear transition. Additional features can also be activated such as Launch Control.

Engine Tuning Satisfaction: Guaranteed

You’re probably thinking, it’s all too good to be true? And more often than not, it usually is. But not this time. All of our Mobile Engine Tuning, ECU Remaps and ECU Chip-Tuning services come with a 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with the custom ECU Remapping service - We will issue you a full refund, no quibble!.

We're confident that our expert tuning service will bring out the best in your vehicle, with increased gains in BHP and torque whilst also saving you money on your average fuel spend (diesels only).

If within 30 days of Tuning you come back to us, we will return your car to standard and give you a full refund!