Mercedes Sprinter Economy TuneMercedes Sprinter LWD 311 CDi arrived at our workshop with a blocked DPF filter and a visual inspection uncovered the engine had over-run on it’s engine oil and blown the turbocharger. The engine oil level rose above the “Max” level on the dipstick due to post-cycle injection of fuel during frequent DPF Regenerations.


We’ve flushed and drained the engine oil, removed the DPF and deleted it from the ECU as well as cancelled out all post-cycle injection maps to avoid any problems in the future. The customer opted to go for our Economy tune to compliment the DPF Removal. The turbo was rebuilt by our turbo technicians with a 2 year warranty in under 48 hours!



Specifically designed to return good fuel economy in turbo charged diesel engines. By optimising the torque limits of the engine we’re able to increase the power output in lower rpm whilst simultaneously increasing the fuel efficiency. Through the mid-higher rpm range our Economy Tune software will encourage the driver to shift up through the gears and keep the engine at it’s optimum position.


Our Economy Tune is a very popular selection amongst taxi drivers, fleet and courier vans.


For more information on our DPF Removal + ECU Remapping services, get in touch today. You can drop in, email us or call 0844 847 9999.

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