Sinspeed Software Update

Sinspeed v1.9.1.4 Software Update

Despite our efforts being concentrated now mostly on the upcoming Sinspeed v2.0 software, we are still doing some serious work on v1.x and this update is proof of that.   We’ve added 3 new modules thanks to our costumers requests and lots of new features, including stability updates to existings ones.     New modules are: – AdBlue Removal […]

Sinspeed Software Update

Sinspeed v1.9.1.2 Software Update

Functionalities of DPF, EGR and other modules are now being added ECU by ECU allowing us to fully disconnect the entire system without having any need to keep any sensors connected.   We will soon be launching our next update which will include some very special new functions so keep an eye out for that!      DTC […]

Sinspeed Software Update

Sinspeed v1.9.0.9 Software Update

This update has been mainly about adding more variations to ECU’s already supported by our systems.   More updates to follow with some exciting new stuff happening this year so keep an eye on our remapping developments to come!         DTC Removal module: Support for Alfa Romeo with Bosch EDC15C2 has been […]

KSuite 2.10

KSuite Version 2.10

K-Suite 2.10 Finally available the protocols for BMW series Fxx (2011-2015). They will be automatically available for all the K-Tag that have an active subscription and tricore enabled. The purchase of any extra accessories or special subscriptions is NOT required. A long awaited and very important news as we want to end the year 2014 at […]

KSuite 2.09

KSuite Version 2.09

K-Suite 2.09 From version 2.09, new OBD protocols for cars, trucks, tractors and boats will be available. From now on it will be possible to write your own modified file on your VAG group car, equipped either with a gasoline engine or with a diesel one. During the 51st week of the year (from December the 15th […]

Sinspeed Software Update

Sinspeed v1.9.0.8 Software Update

As promissed since release of our Tuning Software, we do not intend to stop developing it!   The DTC detection algorithm for EDC17 that was introduced as a new feature in the previous release was updated to increase the number of supported firmware variations.   After many burned eyes working night and day we changed the […]

KSuite Version 2.08 Software Update

KSuite Version 2.08

K-Suite 2.8 With this release we have added new important protocols on VAG EDC17. In addition, developments and implementations of other protocols help to make our list vehicles even richer. And for the K-TAG new feature ECU ID!   KESSv2     VAG EDC17 CAN – Here is the highly anticipated new protocols and their vehicles! PRT 399 – (EDC17C46 […]

Ksuite 2.07 Remapping Software Update

Ksuite Version 2.07

With the update K-Suite 2.07 new functionalities have been added to already existing protocols, some bugs have been amended, different details improved and new protocols have been included. The Vehicles List has been enriched: a new protocol has been introduced for the writing of SCANIA TRUCK vehicles with EMS S8 Ecus.   KESSv2     PRT 414 – (FORD ECOBOOST MED17.2 […]

Sinspeed Software Update

Sinspeed v1.9.0.7 Software Update

After some research from our R&D team we have added a new way of DTCs detection to remove on EDC17 we are proud to announce that a perfect DTC Removal tool for these ECUS is created, but only for full reads as it is the only way to assure that all is 100% done. No additional steps […]

Sinspeed Software Update

Sinspeed v1.9.0.5 Software Update

Another update! Many anticipated developements on DPF Removal Module are now available such as Honda EDC16C31 and Opel DENSO, support for Delphi DCM3.x on DTC removal module has been added! Many surprises are still to come! Keep tuned! New Features  DTC Removal module: Support for Citroen with Delphi DCM3.4 and DCM3.5 has been added!  DTC […]