DSG Gearbox Reflashing

DSG Gearbox Remapping Software Upgrade

Our Most Advanced DSG Remap Just Got Better..! We’ve been offering DSG remaps for over 4 years now and although we’ve been able to create some great DSG maps, there is always room for improvement and we have been working very hard to better ourselves and the DSG reflashing service options. We’re proud to announce […]

Toyota / Lexus DPF Removal Emulator

Toyota / Lexus DPF Removals Are Now Plug & Play!

Toyota / Lexus DPF Removal Plug & Play Emulator Many companies will cut through 10 or so wires on the wiring loom of your Toyota / Lexus to fit an emulator which will trick the ECU into thinking the DPF is not blocked. This then allows the user to safely remove the DPF and reset […]

VW Crafter Power Remaps

Volkswagen Crafter 2.5TDi ECU Remapping For Power

Volkswagen (VW) Crafter 2.5TDi Power Remaps With A Punch..! The VW Crafter Power Remap has been developed to pack a punch and give any van in it’s class a run for it’s money. Increased pulling power, smoothed out flat spots and a more consistent power delivery right through the rev range. The transformation is phenomenal […]

BMW 530D Power ECU Remaps

BMW 530D E60/E61 Power Remaps With +50BHP!

BMW 530D Power Remaps With +50BHP Increases! Remapping your BMW 530D E60/E61 can unlock a lot more power. Even the basic 218Bhp model can achieve up to 274Bhp! You’ll benefit from a sharper throttle response and a more consistent delivery of power right through the rev range.   The chart below shows the three different […]