VW Golf Mk5 Power Tune

Mk5 Golf 1.9TDi Given New Life With Our Performance Remap

This Volkswagen Golf Mk5 1.9TDi is seriously under powered with only 105bhp as standard.   Our performance remap took this to an impressive 145bhp and a generous 325nm of torque. We smoothed out all the flat spots and unlocked this vehicles true potential allowing the customer to shift up through the gears and no longer […]

Mercedes Sprinter Economy Tune

Horror Stories of a Blocked DPF on a Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter LWD 311 CDi arrived at our workshop with a blocked DPF filter and a visual inspection uncovered the engine had over-run on it’s engine oil and blown the turbocharger. The engine oil level rose above the “Max” level on the dipstick due to post-cycle injection of fuel during frequent DPF Regenerations.   We’ve flushed […]