BMW 530D Power ECU RemapsBMW 530D Power Remaps With +50BHP Increases!

Remapping your BMW 530D E60/E61 can unlock a lot more power. Even the basic 218Bhp model can achieve up to 274Bhp! You’ll benefit from a sharper throttle response and a more consistent delivery of power right through the rev range.


The chart below shows the three different power bands and how a Sinspeed Power remap can increase the performance on all three models.

BMW 530D 218
218 hp
274 hp
500 NM
573 NM
BMW 530D 231
231 hp
287 hp
500 NM
573 NM
BMW 530D 235
235 hp
291 hp
500 NM
573 NM

A Sinspeed power remap will smooth out all flat spots and can be tailored to your specific needs, whether it’s just a little more power you’re after or a more aggressive power delivery, we can unlock the true potential of your BMW 530D and achieve maximum benefits. Our bespoke remapping will completely transform the way your car drives.


BMW 530D ECU Remapping SinspeedYou can also combine this remap with our off-road DPF Removal service, EGR Removal or Speed Limiter removal for added performance gains.

Remapping your BMW 530D is completely safe and fully reversible. It can not be detected by any dealership diagnostic equipment and will not cause any problems during MOT’s or servicing.


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